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Chaos Crew puts three times as much turkesterone in High Dose Turk

Chaos Crew High Dose Turk

It wasn’t long ago that Chaos Crew released its turkesterone muscle builder Turk, featuring less than the usual dose at 250mg of ajuga turkestanica per capsule, providing 10% turkesterone. The UK company actually launched Turk this year in January, and now this week, roughly four months on from that, it is introducing another turkesterone supplement to its growing fanbase.

Chaos Crew’s High Dose Turk explains itself in its name, with a turkesterone product that has a higher dose of the title ingredient compared to the brand’s original supplement. While Chaos Crew’s first Turk had 250mg per capsule or half a gram in a two capsule serving, High Dose Turk doubles that to 500mg of ajuga turkestanica per capsule, and it provides that same 10% turkesterone.

To make it even more of a packed product, you get 90 capsules in every bottle of Chaos Crew’s High Dose Turk versus 60 in the regular Turk. Looking at the total amount of the ingredient, High Dose Turk has three times as much in every bottle. The price of the supplement is, however, nowhere near triple, with the brand’s website selling it for only £5 more at £44.99 (56.51 USD).

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