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Mountain Joe’s preparing to release what it believes is the best tasting protein bar

Mountain Joes Protein Bar

Over the years, the UK-based functional brand Mountain Joe’s has come out with some truly delicious and different protein snacks, including, of course, its original high-protein rocky road. While it is common for companies to make a rocky road flavor, it’s very rare for one to attempt the rocky road format, trying to replicate all of its signature tastes and textures, but Mountain Joe’s did that and nailed it.

Mountain Joe’s did, unfortunately, discontinue its hit protein-packed rocky road, but again, over the years, it has come out with many other on-point treats and snacks, the decadent protein brownie being one of the most memorable. The reliable brand is now gearing up for one of its biggest releases in years, with a higher protein bar, or at least higher than any of its other products, and it is said to be the best tasting ever.

All we know about the promising protein snack is that it’s packed with protein, it’s low in sugar, it is going to have four flavors to choose from, and again, Mountain Joe’s is confidently saying it’ll be the best-tasting protein bar out there. That is a bold statement, as the category is filled with some absolutely amazing competitors, from Grenade’s candy bar-like Carb Killa to our number one rated, Barebells Protein Bar.

We’ll share more details on the intriguing and promising Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar when they’re available and will definitely do our best to get our hands on it and test that statement of the best-tasting protein bar.

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