My Cookie Dealer puts its own mouthwatering, calorie-loaded cookies into its all-new ice cream

My Cookie Dealer Ice Cream

My Cookie Dealer is known for its absolutely mouthwatering, delicious, calorie-loaded cookies, which it recently expanded into the protein snack space to some extent. The brand does make protein cookies, although that extra protein still comes with hefty amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, and calories, as they are very much like My Cookie Dealer’s regular cookies but with that touch of protein.

My Cookie Dealer has now stepped into a whole new format of food with its very own ice cream, featuring chunks of the brand’s cookies in some of its most enjoyable flavors. We don’t know the macros on the My Cookie Dealer ice cream; although you can bet based on its approach to the original cookies, this will be loaded with flavor, and again, they come with chunks of the brand’s unforgettable cookies.

To start, My Cookie Dealer’s ice cream comes in six flavors, most of them similar to some of the cookie flavors it’s done, with Cocoa Caramel Divine, Slap Me Silly, Cannoli Cheesecake, iX, Rainbow, and Strawberry Toasters Pastry. The way to order the ice cream is through the brand’s website, where you can grab six single pint tubs, one of each of the flavors, at $72 for shipping at the beginning of next week.

While ice cream isn’t the typical food you see here at Stack3d, we thought My Cookie Dealer’s venture into the frozen section is well worth sharing due to its recent dive into Protein Cookies. Based on that, it wouldn’t be too wild to think the company could eventually add some protein to its recipe, and just as it went from cookies to protein cookies, we might get a family of My Cookie Dealer protein ice cream.

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