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Save a strong 30% on RAZE’s new Ecdysterone and LX3 in its Muscle Stack

Raze Muscle Builder Stack

As promised, to close out the week, RAZE has released its two fairly straightforward, all-new muscle-building supplements, RAZE Ecdysterone and RAZE LX3. The former combines 300mg of its title ingredient with a light 100mg of ashwagandha, while the latter, which can seamlessly stack with Ecdysterone, has a combination of arachidonic acid, smilax extract, and epicatechin.

We expected RAZE Ecdysterone and RAZE LX3 to be similar prices, and they are at $59.99 for Ecdysterone and $64.99 for LX3, through the brand’s online store. To go with their debut, the brand has a few limited-time deals with a free 15 single-serving stick pack box of Hydration on purchases over $69, and in orders over $99, you’ll get a free full-size tub of RAZE Pre-Workout.

There is also a bundle RAZE has added to its website with bottles of RAZE Ecdysterone, RAZE LX3, and its other recently released RAZE muscle builder, Mass Caps, with an automatic discount of 30%, dropping it all to $143.99. That’s basically Ecdysterone and LX3 at regular price and Mass Caps for $19, and it’ll qualify you for those two freebies RAZE Hydration and Pre-Workout.

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