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Barebells begins teasing its first Summer Edition bar since Strawberry White Chocolate

Barebells Summer Edition Protein Bar

Years ago, Barebells came out with the first-ever limited-time Summer Edition flavor of its popular, number one-rated protein bar with the sweet and smooth Strawberry White Chocolate. We have seen the Swedish functional company create other summer flavors, but they were for its equally enjoyable Barebells Milkshake, with Strawberry White Chocolate being the only Summer Edition we’ve seen for the Barebells Protein Bar.

In typical Barebells style, it has started teasing its next exciting release, and it is going to see the return of limited-time Summer Edition flavors to the Barebells Protein Bar. The details shared so far include the product being promoted as an official Summer Edition; it’s connected to the words “Raspberry Roomservice”; and looking closer at the pixelated glimpse Barebells has dropped, the branding appears to match that of the flagship Barebells Protein Bar.

Based on everything we can see, our guess at the upcoming product is a limited-edition flavor of the top-tasing Barebells Protein Bar, specifically for summer, and it’ll be raspberry-flavored, similar to that past Summer Edition, Strawberry White Chocolate. As always, it doesn’t really matter what’s being teased or is coming down the pipeline; it’s all going to be about how it tastes, and knowing Barebells, this won’t likely disappoint.

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