Efectiv’s run of premium standalones keeps rolling with Paradoxine capsules

Efectiv Nutrition Paradoxine

Efectiv Nutrition has been a little busier than usual this year, pumping out new supplements and flavor extensions, with some of those supplement releases being simple standalones but with a premium twist. A couple of months ago, the UK-based brand put the reliable, multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha into its own capsule product, then last month, we got EnXtra by itself, also in capsule format.

Efectiv Nutrition is continuing that run of straightforward yet premium supplements this month, taking another branded ingredient and putting it into its own product. Following KSM-66 and EnXtra, Efectiv has Paradoxine, featuring, of course, Paradoxine branded grains of paradise to support weight loss. It is included at 50mg per capsule with 90 capsules a bottle, giving you plenty of space to dose to your liking.

With just one ingredient in the stackable standalone Paradoxine, Efectiv Nutrition has not set its price all that high; in fact, it’s exactly the same as a bottle of EnXtra from the brand’s online store at £14.99 (18.71 USD).