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Perfect Sports pre-workout Altrd State gets its first flavor extension a year after launch

Grapes Of Wrath Altrd State

Perfect Sports over in Canada has followed up the reveal and release of its sweet and refreshing Wild Muskoka Blueberry flavor of Diesel protein powder with another flavor extension but for a separate supplement from its lineup. The product getting the brand’s attention this time around is its stimulant-powered pre-workout Altrd State, which hasn’t actually been on the market all that long and in the same three flavors since its debut.

The newest flavor extension from Perfect Sports is indeed its first new flavor for Altrd State since it arrived, with the original selection of Atomic Peach Rings, Sour Cherry Bombs, and Intense Blue Raspberry joined by a refreshing grape taste named Grapes Of Wrath. Like Wild Muskoka Blueberry Diesel, you can grab Perfect’s new Grapes Of Wrath Altrd State first straight from its online store, where a tub will cost you $59.99 (46.11 USD).