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RAZE will give you a year’s supply of its energy drink if you guess its Mystery Flavor

Guess Tropical Mystery Flavor Raze Energy

As promised, RAZE has released its latest limited-edition flavor, and for those that missed its announcement last week, it is another one of the brand’s fun Mystery Flavors. This is where RAZE creates a fresh new flavor of its Clash Of The Cans-winning RAZE Energy that doesn’t have a name or description of the taste, just the title “Mystery Flavor”, a question mark on its can, and some potentially connected colors.

The latest Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy can be seen in the picture above, the fourth Mystery Flavor overall, and it is dressed in a mix of yellow, pink, and blue. The brand initially said the product has a tropical theme to it, which is important for the next part of the launch we have to talk about. To go with the drop of the tropical Mystery Flavor, RAZE is running a contest where it wants you to take a guess at the flavor.

We’re assuming, by guess, RAZE wants fans to nail down the flavor to something specific like strawberry and banana or pineapple and mango, and if you get it right, you’re in for an awesome grand prize. Those who manage to guess exactly what the taste of the fourth Mystery Flavor RAZE Energy is will win a year’s supply of the beverage and a cash prize of $100.

As mentioned, it’s a relatively large prize and something regular drinkers and loyal fans of the popular RAZE Energy drink would undoubtedly love to take home. You can purchase your case of Mystery Flavor from at $31.99, then once you’ve tried it, head to this link here and send in your full name, email address, and the flavor you think the brand has disguised behind the “Mystery Flavor” title.

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