Pre-ordering goes live for Mountain Joe’s exciting new protein bar

Mountain Joes Protein Bar Details

The moment functional fans have likely been waiting for has arrived, as the highly anticipated Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar is available for order or at least pre-order for shipping in one week. You can head to the brand’s website and secure yourself boxes of the promising product at £29.99 (37.39 USD) for a box of 12 bars in your choice of its four flavors.

The bar build

As previously confirmed, the build of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar looks similar to others, with a few bits and pieces throughout the snack that’ll undoubtedly make it quite different. The product has the usual thick base, topped with a gooey layer that changes in taste across the menu; then, it’s all wrapped in delicious chocolate and covered in delicious features.

Four flavors

The flavors of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar look as enjoyable as we had hoped, with White Chocolate Salted Caramel, Chocolate Candy Cream, Raspberry Ripple, and Caramel Biscuit. Once again, the tasty features throughout and around the protein bar change from flavor to flavor; for example, Chocolate Candy Cream has a creamy chocolate along the inside at the top and crushed M&M’s-type candy on the outside.

Mountain Joes Protein Bar Launch

Nutrition profile

Lastly, with pre-order availability of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar here, we can finally confirm the nutrition profile of the product, and it’s not supremely lean, although it’s also not unreasonable. Depending on the flavor, you get a respectable 17 to 18g of protein per bar, 6.9 to 8.3g of fat, 18 to 19g of carbohydrates with 2.6g or less sugar, and 212 to 231 calories.

Pre-order deal

We’re certainly excited to get our hands on the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar as its nutrition profile seems fair, the product looks great in pictures, and the features sound delicious. Again, you can pre-order the product from the functional brand’s online store for shipping exclusively in the UK for now at £29.99 a box, or grab two and save at £22.50 (28 USD) each.

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