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Redcon1 previews two 4th Of July flavors including an American Pie MRE Lite

Redcon1 American Pie Mre Lite

It turns out that American Berry isn’t the only special edition flavor Redcon1 has put together and revealed for the 4th Of July weekend. An image has surfaced of what appears to be another flavor that’ll be around for a limited time. It’s also not for the brand’s pre-workout Total War, but a separate supplement we have only seen Redcon1 do a special edition flavor for once before.

Redcon1 has unveiled an intriguing American Pie flavor for its more traditional protein powder spin-off of MRE, in MRE Lite. Like American Berry, the flavor callout suggests it’s a refreshing berry-themed experience, although most likely with a more savory twist as it is named American Pie. It, of course, has MRE Lite’s usual formula providing 24g of protein and a reasonable 130 calories.

While Redcon1 has only said its American Pie MRE Lite and American Berry Total War would be launching soon, based on its history of launching around 4th Of July, we have to imagine these will drop within the next few days. When they do eventually go live, you’ll be able to snatch them up from, where MRE Lite typically costs $44.99 a tub and Total War $42.99.

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