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Redcon1 looks to continue its annual special edition Total War for 4th Of July

Redcon1 American Berry Total War

As we approach the 4th Of July weekend, Redcon1 has announced a new special edition flavor for Total War, and it looks like this will be the one continuing the brand’s long-running tradition. Since 2019, Redcon1 has released an alternatively branded, limited-time flavor of its signature pre-workout Total War every year, starting with America, Patriot in 2020, and the uniquely named 1776 last year.

The flavor of Total War Redcon1 has unveiled in time for 4th Of July is the berry recipe, American Berry. It features the brand’s usual patriotic label design, with a mix of red, white and blue, and a bald eagle graphic in the background. Redcon1 hasn’t mentioned its upcoming American Berry Total War and 4th Of July together, but the timing suggests it is a continuation of that annual celebratory flavor.

Redcon1 will also likely have a sale to go with 4th Of July, so if or when American Berry Total War goes live at, there is a good chance you’ll be able to get it at a discount or at some sort of deal.

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