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Skinny Food packs just under 50g of protein into its Protein Pizza Base

Skinny Food Co Protein Pizza Base

The Skinny Food Co is back in the headlines again this week with a great new product for you to enjoy pizza but make it fit within a more high-protein diet. The always creative functional food company has come out with its own pizza base made from wheat flour, pea flour, and pea protein, and while the carbohydrates are still high, the protein is much higher than your traditional base.

The High Protein Pizza Base from The Skinny Food Co is relatively heavy, tipping the scales at 150g. The brand sells the bases in pairs, so two per pack, and directly through its online store, you’ll pay £4.99 (6.03 USD), which is £2.50 each. As for the macros on the product, that’s also vegan-friendly, the protein is high, sitting a little under 50g at 46.4g, similar to your typical mass protein or weight gainer.

The rest of the nutrition profile in The Skinny Food Co’s High Protein Pizza Base includes 96g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar, 5.6g of fat, and a calorie count of 624. As mentioned, the carbohydrates and overall calories are similar to some regular pizza bases, although Skinny Food has clearly raised the protein, making it an ideal fit for pizza and protein lovers.

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