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Zoomad rolls out its basic One Raw Series with a shark face bursting out the side

Zoomad Labs One Raw

Zoomad Labs is the Spanish sports nutrition company that uniquely has animal faces bursting out the side of its supplements. It covers categories like pre-workout with a product named Moonstruck, the recover family Caretaker, and the testosterone booster Wild Beast. Zoomad is rolling out a new series this year under the name One Raw, made up of five supplements, all with shark face molded on their bottles.

Zoomad Labs’ One Raw line is a collection of simple, single-ingredient products, hence the name One Raw. The supplements are Creatine featuring 300g of tried and true creatine monohydrate per tub and Glutamine with 400g of premium Kyowa quality glutamine. Next is AKG with 300g of arginine AKG, Citrulline D L-Malate, packing 300g of citrulline malate, and finally, the 400g self-explanatory, Beta-Alanine.

We provided the overall weight of each product above as opposed to how many servings they have, as these are bulk, single-ingredient supplements, and while they have a scoop inside, they mostly give you the freedom to dose to your liking. All five of Zoomad Labs’ One Raw products are available unflavored, and for those that want some flavor, cherry, and they’re all around the same price of €30 (32.07 USD) each.