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All-new Gold Series from Elev Global beginning with Whey Gold and ISO Gold

Elev Global Iso Gold Whey Gold

The fresh and still relatively new international brand Elev Global has announced the coming of an all-new series of supplements, kicking off with two protein powders. The growing company has announced it is beginning to build out and roll out its black and gold-colored Gold Series, which will have two gold-named products to start, introducing Whey Gold and ISO Gold.

Elev Global’s Whey Gold and ISO Gold are both whey-powered supplements but separate themselves by the kind of whey protein they rely on. Whey Gold is the blend-style product in the Gold Series, featuring a variety of whey sources to provide 23.4g of protein and 124 calories in a 30g serving, while ISO Gold is a more premium whey isolate-based supplement featuring a leaner 26.4g of protein in a 30g serving and only 110 calories.

The first two Elev Global Gold Series products will be available in the one large size packing a hefty 2kg or 4.4lb of powder, although only one of them will have a menu. Whey Gold is launching in two tastes right out of the gate with Rich Chocolate and a Snicker-like flavor, while the premium ISO Gold will have just one, and it’s another candy bar-type taste in Bueno Chocolate.