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New and improved Boss Cookie brings with it slightly less protein

Lenny And Larrys Improved Boss Cookie

Lenny and Larry’s introduced its protein-packed Boss Cookie last year, separate from its original hit product, the Complete Cookie, with this one intended to be more nutritionally friendly. While we liked the idea and intentions behind the Boss Cookie, we didn’t find it all that enjoyable, with the better macros being alongside a thick and chewy cookie that didn’t have all that much flavor.

Over a year from the initial launch of the Boss Cookie, Lenny and Larry’s is relaunching the product in a new and improved version. We don’t see a description or anything about changes in taste or texture for the relaunch, only that the protein snack is “improved”. We can confirm the macros are slightly different; most notably, the product has 2g less protein per cookie at 16g instead of 18g.

The carbohydrates in Lenny and Larry’s refreshed Boss Cookie have also been tweaked, going the other direction to the protein at a slightly higher 18 to 20g, but still only a gram of sugar and 6g of fiber. The fat is 13 to 16g, and the calorie count is higher, too, at 250 to 260, with all of the same flavors to choose from in Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Chunk, and Peanut Butter Chunk.

If you’d like to give Lenny and Larry’s improved slightly lower in protein Boss Cookie a try and experience the changes firsthand, you can grab it starting this week from the brand’s online store. The new and improved protein snack is $22.95 for a box of a dozen protein cookies with no variety bundle, unfortunately, so you’ll have to buy an entire box of 12 to give any of the flavors a go.