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Redcon1 continues to build excitement for its upcoming energy drink

Redcon1 Energy Drink

Redcon1 is attending the Stack3d Supplement Expo this year, and like some of the other brands at the event, it is showcasing a selection of its most popular products. The two-time Brand Of The Year is taking the opportunity to introduce itself and spread awareness on key supplements like the tasty MRE Lite RTD, Total War RTD, and its recently released, comprehensive stimulant fat burner C-Burn.

Redcon1 has also provided a bit of an update or glimpse at its highly-anticipated energy drink, which we’ve heard rumblings about since the end of last year when the brand sent out a questionnaire to its fans. Since that first survey, Redcon1 has since rolled out a second round of questions, all of them related to what kind of energy drink fans and followers of the brand would like to see and buy.

In the North Hall at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, Redcon1 has included a teaser image of that still-coming-soon beverage, describing it as “Energy With Purpose”. While it is just a teaser, if we read into that as much as we can, it appears as though the Redcon1 energy drink will come in a standard 16oz can and be built for more than just energy, suggesting it’ll have an advanced formula, not just caffeine.

Many sports nutrition brands have crafted an energy drink over the past few years, many bringing their own unique style and approach to the intensely competitive category. With Redcon1 being the size it is, we’re excited to see how its energy drink or “Energy With Purpose” drink turns out. Be sure to check out the brand at the Stack3d Supplement Expo for a closer look at the beverage teaser and more.

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