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Barebells looks like it’s adding another flavor to the delicious Soft Protein Bar

Barebells Third Soft Protein Bar

The Soft Protein Bar is the most recent snack innovation from the Swedish functional food company Barebells, maker of our reigning, number one rated Barebells Protein Bar. The Soft Protein Bar is a bit different from the brand’s flagship snack in that, as per its name, it is a smoother and softer snack, still packing some delicious candy bar-like flavors but slightly less protein and similar calories.

Barebells launched its Soft Protein Bar in an absolute rollercoaster of a flavor with Marshmallow Rocky Road, which was later followed by the incredible Mars Bar-like Caramel Choco. The always enjoyable and creative functional food innovator looks like it is about to drop another flavor for its Soft Protein Bar, dropping the teaser pictured above, featuring an orange, yellow, and blue combination.

The reason we’re saying the mystery blurred-out Barebells product is likely a flavor extension of its Soft Protein Bar is that the wrapper is clearly a single flat color, not striped like the brand’s flagship bar or blue like Double Bite, and it has the same logo style and placement as the other Soft Protein Bars.

Our guess at the upcoming flavor seemingly for the Barebells Soft Protein Bar, based on the colors, is something involving peanut butter, or maybe even caramel or nougat. It’s tough to guess as the first flavor of the product was really something out there, which could easily be the case again with the third; either way, if it’s anything like Marshmallow Rocky Road or Caramel Choco, it’ll be worth grabbing.

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