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G Fuel lowers the caffeine in its Sheetz-exclusive energy drinks to 140mg

G Fuel Blueberry Muffinz Grape Gummiez Energy Drinks

Gaming brand G Fuel recently made two big announcements in partnership with the convenience store chain Sheetz. It put together two new flavors of its energy drink, exclusive to Sheetz in Blueberry Muffinz and Grape Gummiez, and they introduced G Fuel-infused milkshakes and smoothies. An interesting detail has surfaced about the exclusive beverages that’s well worth noting but wasn’t initially highlighted.

When G Fuel launched its first collaboration with Ninja in the Cotton Candy G Fuel energy drink, it was revealed that instead of 300mg of caffeine like all of the beverage’s other flavors, Cotton Candy had 140mg. It turns out that it is now no longer the only option on the product’s menu, with that lower caffeine, as both of Sheetz’ flavors, Blueberry Muffinz and Grape Gummiez, also have 140mg of caffeine, not 300mg.

It’s an extremely noteworthy piece of information, not just because the lower caffeine is no longer a one-off for G Fuel, but also if you buy the recently released flavors and are expecting 300mg, you will likely notice the difference. So far, Cotton Candy, Blueberry Muffinz, and Grape Gummiez are the only G Fuel energy drinks with that less than half 140mg of caffeine, although we don’t suspect they’re the last.

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