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Klout packs its PCT with a variety of ingredients although nothing too highly dosed

Klout Pwr Cycle

Following the surprisingly low-dosed, capsule format pump pre-workout Ultimate Pump Kap, Klout is bringing its brand to the post-cycle therapy category, introducing PWR Cycle. The ingredients and amounts in this one are not as light as Ultimate Pump Kap, although they’re not supremely high compared to competitors from other sports nutrition brands utilizing similar formulas.

Klout’s PWR Cycle is built to naturally boost testosterone and normalize estrogen levels to, in turn, support healthy cortisol levels, build muscle strength and size, and help reduce water retention. The ingredients the brand has packed into this one are fairly common, and again nothing is dosed at the higher end, but not as low as the components of Ultimate Pump Kap.

Klout Pwr Cycle Label

PWR Cycle includes the likes of DIM, mucuna pruriens, tribulus, longjack, and shilajit, all of those being reasonably common in testosterone boosting supplements and PCTs. Some of the not-so-common features are bulbine natelensis, although well below the likes of the 750mg you get Morphogen’s Morphotest at 250mg, and DHEA, which is usually seen between 50 to 100mg, while Klout comes in quite a way off that at only 12.5mg a serving.

True to its name and type, Klout’s PWR Cycle is designed as a post-cycle therapy formula to boost testosterone naturally and help get your body back to normal hormone production and levels. The price the brand is selling its latest supplement for is interestingly on the lower side of the category at $34.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, whereas typically, we see test boosters up closer to $50; in fact, Morphotest mentioned earlier sits at $56.