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Podium is celebrating its first birthday with mint chocolate protein powder

Mint Chocolate Chip Podium Whey

The still relatively new Podium Nutrition just dropped a couple of limited-time flavors in Summertime Lemonade and Rocket Pop, for its two non-protein powder supplements, Fuse and Hydro & Salt. It now appears it’s time for the brand’s other product to have a turn and get a new flavor in the premium whey-based protein powder Podium Whey, which did get another flavor not that long ago in Justin Medeiros’ Cookies & Cream.

Podium Nutrition has revealed that in line with its first birthday, the first day of September, it is launching another rather intriguing option bringing together mint and chocolate with Mint Chocolate Chip. The product isn’t any ordinary flavor extension either; the brand has said it’s rolling out Mint Chocolate Chip Podium Whey in time with its first birthday, which is only a couple of weeks away on Thursday the 1st of September.