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Jelly Belly Sizzling Cinnamon flavor looks to be coming soon to Myprotein in the US

Myprotein Jelly Belly In The Us

Myprotein recently teamed up with the legendary jelly bean brand Jelly Belly for a handful of special edition flavors inspired by popular flavors of the famous candy. The collection consists of Jelly Belly Very Cherry, Bubblegum, Green Apple, Berry Blue, and Tutti Fruitti flavors of Clear Whey Isolate protein powder, and Jelly Belly Very Cherry and Bubblegum flavors of the international brand’s BCAA-infused energy drink.

At the moment, you can’t find any of those collaborations in Myprotein’s dedicated US online store, but they are over in the UK and Europe through For those here in the US wondering if they’ll get a chance to try the authentic collaboration flavors, there is some good news, as the brand is bringing them stateside, at least for Clear Whey Isolate, and it looks as though there will be an exclusive.

Currently, on Myprotein’s separate US website, it is listing details on three flavors that are not yet available, two of those are Very Cherry and Tutti Frutti, both of which are Jelly Belly flavors already out in the UK and Europe. The third is Sizzling Cinnamon, which is the exact name of a popular flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans out on the mainstream market.

Based on all of those details, it looks as though Myprotein is releasing authentic Jelly Belly Very Cherry and Tutti Frutti Clear Whey Isolate in the US, as well as a completely new Jelly Belly Sizzling Cinnamon, a flavor not available in the UK. We’re not sure when you’ll be able to get your hands on Myprotein and Jelly Belly’s protein powders in the US, but with details like this already out there, we have to imagine it’s soon.