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Frosted Key Lime Pie joins No Cow’s Dipped lineup but only for a limited time

No Cow Key Lime Pie Dipped Protein Bar

Functional brand No Cow, known for its plant-based vegan-friendly protein bar, has released the first new flavor for the product or spin-off snack it dropped just a few months ago. Back in March, the popular brand took its signature protein-packed bar and dipped it in chocolate for the No Cow Dipped Protein Bar; still packing up to 21g of protein, keeping the sugar at under a gram, and available in five delicious flavors.

No Cow’s Dipped Protein Bar now has a sixth option on its menu, and it is actually what the brand describes as its first frosted bar. The product’s new flavor is a classic dessert-inspired Key Lime Pie, and what makes it different is it’s not covered in chocolate. The Key Lime Pie No Cow Dipped Protein Bar appears to have a sweet lime-flavored coating with a graham cracker crust center to really make the experience authentic.

The macros on the product are right in line with the other Dipped options at 20g of plant-powered protein, 27g of carbohydrates, 14g of that fiber and a gram sugar, 6g of fat, and 200 calories. You can grab the Key Lime Pie Dipped Protein Bar from No Cow’s website at $29.99 for a box of a dozen bars, and be sure to get in sooner rather than later as it is a limited launch.

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