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PEScience adds a Black Cherry flavor to its pre-workouts Prolific and High Volume

Pescience Black Cherry Prolific and High Volume

Last year PEScience released a handful of flavor collaborations for their pre-workouts Prolific and High Volume. Both flavors were fruit inspired with Jeff Nippard’s Strawberry Kiwi and the identical twins Kendra and Kathryn’s Sour Peach Rings. This week PEScience is continuing the fruity trend with the release of a new flavor called Black Cherry, which like those two mentioned, will be available for Prolific and High Volume.

The new flavor, which went live for purchase today, has a classic cherry taste described as being more sweet than tart. The Black Cherry Prolific and Black Cherry High Volume are now available for purchase from the brand’s online store for the usual $34.99 each, or you can save a bit of money and grab a bundle of the two at $64.99. To add to that, just for this week, PEScience is also offering free domestic shipping orders over $30.