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SNS is giving premium Sabroxy its own standalone capsule supplement

Sns Sabroxy XT

Like Competitive Edge Labs, sister company Serious Nutrition Solutions — or more simply SNS — has shared a family photograph, with several of its popular supplements pictured alongside one another. Tucked in between some of those items are completely new products, again, like Competitive Edge’s recently released and similar shot, and one of those upcoming supplements from SNS is Sabroxy XT.

Sabroxy XT is a standalone Sabroxy product from what we can see in the SNS lineup image we have above, and it appears as though it is going to include the cognition and memory-supporting ingredient at a solid dose of 300mg. The only supplement we’ve shared here at Stack3d featuring the study-backed Sabroxy is Glaxon’s Neuro 365, although that has a slightly lower amount at 100mg a serving.

SNS has shared that Sabroxy XT will be making its way out into the world within the next couple of weeks, following on from the promising stimulant-free fat burner it just dropped, Thermo Scorch. As we’ve said many times before, the SNS selection of supplements is one of the most comprehensive and reliable out there, with items like Sabroxy XT only strengthening that reputation.

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