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Steel includes six supplements in its limited Miami Lights flavor series

Steel Supplements Miami Lights Flavor Series

Special edition flavor series or flavor collections have become a bit of a trend this past year or so, with several notable sports nutrition brands coming out with their own take. This is where you get a typically all-new flavor, usually somewhat unique or uncommon, and a brand produces it for several different supplements, and it gives each of those supplements a matching label design.

Redcon1 has done many over the years, Glaxon just dropped its one with Tiger’s Blood, Axe and Sledge is another one known to do a good amount of them, and now Steel Supplements is getting in on the action. We have seen something like this from the hardcore brand in its Candy Bliss flavor, which is available for a handful of its products, although they don’t feature a massively different look.

Steel Supplements has revealed its limited edition Miami Lights flavor series, which you can see in the image above. It is a family of six products, all available in the new Miami Lights flavor and featuring an eye-catching, Miami Vice-style label design. The collection includes the pre-workouts Pre, Charged-AF, Amped-AF, and Pumped-AF, HyperAde, and the loaded peri-workout Adabolic.

All six of Steel Supplements’ Miami Lights products are listed on its website as options on each respective supplement’s page, although none of them appear to be in stock yet. With that said, they are being promoted as coming soon, so expect to see that availability status to change shortly.