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Applied fills its all-new Swirl Duo Bar with a delicious gooey center

Applied Nutrition Swirl Duo Bar

The Swirl Duo Bar is a delicious new snack from the UK giant Applied Nutrition, which is getting ready to make its major debut in America with a tweaked selection of ABE pre-workout supplements. The latest edible entry from the popular and internationally available sports nutrition brand is a more rounded bar, and what makes it pop is down the center, there is a gooey filling.

Applied Nutrition’s Swirl Duo Bar comes with a thick main body, that delicious-looking gooey center, then all wrapped in a flavorful coat of chocolate. There are three flavors to choose from for the product in White Choco Peanut with a caramel center and a white chocolate outer, Gooey Chocolate with chocolate caramel down the middle and milk chocolate around the outside, then Jam Roly-Poly with gooey strawberry jam and white chocolate.

The Swirl Duo Bar looks like quite a different experience compared to Applied Nutrition’s other functional offerings, and to go with the name, it comes with two, snack-sized 30g bars per pack. The combined nutrition of the two pieces provides a solid 16g of protein, in and around 23g of carbohydrates with 2.4g or less of that sugar, and just under 200 calories.

Applied Nutrition already has the Swirl Duo Bar in stock and available for purchase directly through its online store in all three flavors, White Choco Peanut, Gooey Chocolate, and Jam Roly-Poly, which is also covered in birthday-style rainbow sprinkles. The price of the moderate protein snack is not too bad, especially for the promising experience at £29.95 (34.55 USD) for a box of 12.