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Mountain Joe’s brings one of its new flavors to the Arnold and it tastes like a Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Hazelnut Mountain Joes Protein Bar

When Mountain Joe’s announced the two delicious-looking new flavors of its self-titled Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, it mentioned they might potentially be available at its booth at this year’s UK Arnold Sports Festival. The newest flavors of the tasty high-protein treat are Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookie Cream, and they bring its menu up to a total of six candy bar-style creations.

Mountain Joe’s did end up surprising visitors of the UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival and bringing at least one of the new flavors of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar in Chocolate Hazelnut. We were at the event and tried the product, and it does not disappoint. The flavor perfectly rolls together rich milk chocolate and nutty hazelnut for an impressively accurate Ferrero Rocher-like experience.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar is on the same level as some of the better flavors from its original list of options, like Raspberry Ripple and the on-point White Chocolate Salted Peanut. A complete launch of Chocolate Hazelnut is expected to happen shortly and will put the must-try product on shelves, with Chocolate Cookie Cream not far behind and should also be out soon.

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