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Two delicious two new flavors announced for Mountain Joe’s still fairly new protein bar

Chocolate Hazelnut Mountain Joes Protein Bar

Only a few months ago, Mountain Joe’s was teasing and building to the launch of its highly-anticipated Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar. The product comes through with an impressively smooth consistency, better than almost every other bar out there, and it’s paired with some on-point and enjoyable flavors, especially the White Chocolate Salted Peanut.

For those that caught the launch of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, you’ll know it rolled out in four flavors, with the other three being Chocolate Candy Cream, Raspberry Ripple, and Caramel Biscuit. Again, the product hasn’t been around that long, although it’s apparently long enough for the brand to have already put together two completely new flavors.

To get some excitement going for the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar once again, we have confirmation of those new flavors in an undoubtedly delicious Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookie Cream. They’ll have a similarly high amount of protein compared to the product’s other options at 18g, a low 2.3g of sugar or less, and that same soft consistency.

The brand is planning to make its new Chocolate Hazelnut and Chocolate Cookie Cream Mountain Joe’s Protein Bars available shortly, in fact, they may both be on hand and purchasable at this weekend’s UK edition of the Arnold Sports Festival.

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