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Down The Hatch to be Goodles first limited flavor of its delicious gooder noodles

Goodles Down The Hatch

Gal Gadot’s better-for-you noodle company Goodles, which comes from its description of gooder noodles, has put together another flavor of its signature product. This time around, unlike the new addition we got a few months ago in the plant-based Vegan Is Believin’, the flavor is not ongoing or sticking around too long; it is Goodles’ first-ever limited edition launch.

The exciting new product announced by Goodles is called Down The Hatch, and like the other options the brand has available for its delicious noodles, it gets its name from the flavor itself. Goodles’ Down The Hatch is a creamy Hatch Chile popper mac, providing a solid 14g of protein per serving, with the rest of its numbers presumably similar to the rest of the brand’s lineup at around 46g of carbohydrates, about 4g of fat, and 260 or so calories.

While Goodles has announced its limited-time Down The Hatch noodles, packing more protein than your typical noodle and lower sugar, it is not available for purchase yet but will be soon. The functional company has actually set up a page over at where you can sign up via email to be notified when the product goes live and can be purchased.

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