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Muscletech is giving fans the chance to sample its Enfinity-fueled pre-workout for free

Muscletech Free Enfinity Euphoriq

The first-ever supplements featuring the caffeine evolution Enfinity paraxanthine are due to be rolling out and hitting stores within the next couple of weeks. Those supplements are both from Muscletech — which has exclusivity on the premium ingredient for the foreseeable future — with the Enfinity-fueled pre-workout EuphoriQ and the fat burner Burn iQ.

We shared full details on both of the Muscletech products, EuphoriQ and Burn iQ, earlier this month, and now we have information on a way for you to try the pre-workout for free. The brand has put together a page on its website where you can apply to be sent samples of the Enfinity-powered EuphoriQ, and all you need to do is complete the short and sweet form.

Muscletech doesn’t say on the free EuphoriQ page just how many samples it’s sending out, but it does specifically say “samples”, so at the very least, you’ll get two. The information the brand asks for in the form isn’t anything out of the ordinary, with things like your name, address, and email, making it relatively easy to get a taste of the Enfinity experience.