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GNC lands two more exclusive Cookies and Cream products from Redcon1

Redcon1 Cookies and Cream MRE And MRE Rtd

To close out 2021, Redcon1 launched an exclusive flavor of its whole food, whey-less protein powder MRE Lite at the major sports nutrition retailer GNC. It was a classic option with a Cookies N’ Cream MRE Lite, but one that is still only available for purchase from the supplement store and has just been joined by the same flavor for a couple of other popular Redcon1 protein products.

Going alongside the Cookies N’ Cream MRE Lite protein powder at GNC is a Cookies and Cream flavor of Redcon1’s original wholefood meal replacement MRE and Cookies and Cream for the more convenient on-the-go MRE RTD. The retailer is also running a sale right now that involves everything from Redcon1 and gives fans the chance to try the new releases at a discounted price.

For a limited time, GNC has dropped Redcon1’s MRE meal replacement from $89.99 down to a strong $67.49 for a large 7lb tub of 25 servings, and the MRE RTD is equally heavily discounted, falling from $42.99 to $29.99 for a case of shakes. Again, the new Cookies and Cream products are exclusive to the retailer, so you won’t be seeing them anywhere else, let alone with those savings.

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