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Gaming brand Rogue Energy teases its upcoming move into energy drinks

Rogue Energy Drink

The day has been filled with news from the gaming supplement category and beverage, and we’re going to finish it off with what appears to be a combination of both coming from a brand named Rogue Energy. The growing Rogue Energy is a gaming company that’s been around for a few years and has three supplements available in the flagship Rogue Energy, the higher caffeine Rogue Extreme, and Rogue Hydration.

Rogue Energy has just shared a teaser and confirmation that it is getting into the business of cans, or more specifically, energy drinks. You can see a shot from the teaser in the image above featuring a 16oz can, the common size of energizing beverages in North America. Rogue has not said anything else about the upcoming product, only what we mentioned, that it’s an energy drink and coming in a typical-sized can.

This is a move a few gaming supplement companies have made, going from traditional powder or capsule products to energizing beverages, with examples like G Fuel, Sneak, and Germany’s LevlUp. Again, there has been no talk about what will be in the beverage, although if it’s anything like the self-titled Rogue Energy supplement, we’ll be getting ingredients for energy and focus, including a moderate 175mg of caffeine.

We’ll share more details on the upcoming Rogue Energy drink when we have them, but for now, it is just confirmation the product is on the way, and we look forward to seeing another newcomer to the format.

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