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Three-product Tropical Thunder series hitting Axe and Sledge’s website tomorrow night

Axe And Sledge Tropical Thunder Series

While Axe and Sledge Supplements from Seth Feroce has dropped a fair amount of entirely new products here in 2022, including Plant Fed vegan protein powder and hydration-supporting Electrolytes, something it’s continued to do across the years is flavor series. Axe and Sledge is one of the brands that’s been doing them the longest, coming out with creative flavors for a handful of supplements, all wrapped in similar label designs.

The most recent one we saw from Axe and Sledge Supplements was the Mother Pucker Series, which was a bit different with three separate flavors for the amino The Grind, including Sour Rainbow Candy, Sour Kiwi Lime, and Sour Blue Razz Lemonade. Axe and Sledge has announced another one of its intriguing flavor series this week called Tropical Thunder, and it is going to be available in about 24 hours tomorrow night.

Based on the name, Tropical Thunder sounds like a fruity tropical recipe, and it has been put together for three of Axe and Sledge Supplements’ popular products in the pre-workouts Ignition Switch and Hydraulic, and the amino The Grind. Again, the entire collection is going live on the brand’s website tomorrow night at 8 PM Eastern Time, with all of the supplements’ usual respective formulas and at their usual prices.