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Great-value 100 serving creatine coming from Ekkovision in the next few weeks

Ekkovision Creatiine

While Ekkovision’s next big launch is still two days away on Saturday, with the debut of the two collaboration pre-workouts Hatman and Acolyte, the fast-growing brand is already planning its next round of releases. It recently revealed that the barely one-month-old pre-workout Satori is getting a sequel 2.0 version involving some decreased dosages, an increase, and an ingredient removal.

Ekkovision has confirmed that alongside the tweaked and improved Satori 2.0 pre-workout, coming in the launch group following Hatman and Acolyte, will be a standalone bulk creatine supplement. From what we can tell, this will indeed be a simple and straightforward product featuring only creatine, and the brand intends to give it a strong, competitive price tag with some options on the flavor side.

Ekkovision’s upcoming creatine is going to be available for pre-order starting November 7th, then ship a few days later, on the 10th. During that pre-order phase, you’ll be able to grab the Unflavored creatine at $26.99, and the two flavored options, Blackberry Lime and Blue Hawaiin, will be a touch more at $28.99.

We’re not sure what kind of dose we’re getting in Ekkovision’s creatine, but the tubs are said to have 100 servings each, and if they each have the usual full 5g, that is indeed great value as you’re looking at half a kilogram of creatine for under $30. The still very new brand has had a tremendous year, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, with new supplements every one or two months.

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