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AmentoPump adds to Peak Performance’s growing stackable selection

Peak Performance Labs Amentopump

Peak Performance Labs has been getting into more simple, single-ingredient supplements as of late, although they haven’t been your usual creatine, glutamine, and BCAAs. The sports nutrition brand out of Canada dropped CellFlo6 capsules four months ago, featuring the still relatively new pump ingredient; then, more recently, we got NeuroPEA, where the brand put the stimulant NeuroPEA eria jarensis into capsules.

The growing Peak Performance Labs is back again, adding to the simpler side of its lineup, and once again, it has put together a straightforward supplement that relies on a component you don’t see by itself all that often. The product is named AmentoPump, and that is indeed its main ingredient, AmentoPump branded selaginella tamariscina extract, dosed at 300mg a serving for pumps, power, strength, and performance.

Peak Performance Labs’ AmentoPump is available straight from its online store, where it’ll cost you $49.99 (36.63 USD) for a bottle of 30 two-capsule servings, and with AmentoPump being the supplement’s only ingredient, you’ll have no problem stacking it to add its benefits to other products like a pre-workout or intra-workout.