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Pharmafreak previews what could be a separate or stackable version of Sex Freak

Pharmafreak Sex Freak Powder

Earlier in the year, Pharmafreak came out with one of its more entertaining supplements named Sex Freak, designed to support healthy hormone levels, performance, libido, and stress. Not only was the title of the product a key attraction, but so was the packaging, as inside each box of Sex Freak, Pharmafreak included a free condom to really put the supplement to use.

Over the past few weeks, the legacy brand known for its fat burner Ripped Freak, has previewed a couple of all-new products in the male pre-workout Achilles Freak and the weight loss spin-off, Ripped Freak Stimulant Free. Pharmafreak has now shared a sneak peek at another upcoming supplement, and this time it is another version of the still very new Sex Freak.

You can see the product preview in the image above, where Pharmafreak has removed key details for its alternative Sex Freak, although by the looks of things, the key difference is that it’s going to be in flavored powder, not capsules like the original. That would suggest a different blend of ingredients, which leads us to believe this might be designed for a similar sort of experience as the Sex Freak capsules but relying on a separate formula.

Another possibility for Pharmafreak’s second Sex Freak supplement is that it has an entirely new set of ingredients compared to the original, with nothing in common or overlapping, and it can be stacked with the capsule version. All we can do at the moment is speculate; however, no matter how you look at it, we’re in for another interesting effort from the brand.