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Fruity Cereal rolling out for Vegan Protein alongside BEAM’s stim-free pre-workout

Beam Fruity Cereal Vegan Protein

Today is the day when premium brand BEAM launches the stimulant-free version of its original balanced pre-workout, featuring all of the same ingredients as the original, minus the energizing caffeine. The supplement is rolling out in just one flavor to start, and it is something fans will be familiar with as it’s from the regular pre-workout’s menu in Watermelon Candy.

As mentioned, BEAM is making its stimulant-free pre-workout available for purchase today through its online store at for the same price as the original at $45.99, but that’s not all it’s dropping. The brand is also releasing another option for its incredibly enjoyable and great-tasting Vegan Protein, a flavor from its whey-based protein powder in Fruity Cereal.

Once again, BEAM is rolling out the version of its category-titled Pre-Workout without caffeine and Fruity Cereal Vegan Protein today at Do keep in mind Black Friday is right around the corner, when the brand is very likely to be running a strong deal or discount, so if you’re thinking about stocking up or buying big, it might be worth holding off.

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