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Upcoming Protein Roll will also be hitting shelves in full-size option with 20g of protein

Novo Nutrition Full-Size Protein Roll

Novo Nutrition recently announced its latest functional innovation with the sweet and smooth-looking Protein Roll, a small snack-sized creation featuring a doughy body, creamy center, and all wrapped in chocolate. We do refer to the product as snack-sized as it has 10g of protein and a total weight of 33g, although that won’t entirely be the case when it starts making its way out to shelves.

The all-new Protein Roll from Novo Nutrition is actually launching in the UK and Europe in two sizes, the smaller of which is the 33g option packing 10g of protein. There is indeed going to be a second, much larger version of the protein-packed bar that’s twice as big. The double or full-size Protein Roll will tip the scales at 65g a piece and fittingly feature twice as much protein at the common 20g.

The other macros of the 65g Novo Nutrition Protein Roll will be double the smaller 33g with 22.2g of carbohydrates, under 2g of sugar, 4.8g of fat, and 209 calories. Fans of the innovative functional food company won’t be sacrificing in variety of flavors regardless of which size they choose, as they have the same three tastes to choose from in Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Silk.