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Purge Sports getting ready to return and promising powerful products

Return Of Purge Sports

Purge Sports is one of the more well-put-together sports nutrition brands that came to market over the past few years, and it was from the same team behind Muscle Sport and Kodiak. Purge was very careful with the categories it took on, but most impressively, each of the supplements came with a packed-out formula, giving it that more premium classification.

Some of the products from Purge Sports over the years include RIPTX, the high-stimulant HypeX, the nootropic NeuroX, the flavored fat burner ThermX, and the brand’s original hit pre-workout Pre V2. It has been quite a while since we heard anything from Purge; the muscle builder AnabolX coming a year and a half ago, and the potent pre-workout HypeX coming in the middle of 2020.

The big news from Purge Sports, or at least the minds behind the previously active and reputable brand, is that it is making a return, and by the sounds of things, in a big way. All we have at the moment is the teaser image you can see above featuring the recognizable Purge logo and the exciting words “everyone loves a comeback story” and “engineered for perfection”.

Based on all of that, it’s safe to say Purge Sports is making a return to the market sometime soon with its reliably effective and well-put-together formulas; hence the line “engineered for perfection”. We’re not sure what type of supplements Purge plans on kicking off its comeback with, although we’re guessing it’ll be similar categories to before, like pre-workout and weight loss.

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