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Creamy hazelnut and vanilla sandwiched between crispy wafers in Bombbar’s latest

Bombbar Protein Wafer

Functional food innovator Bombbar from Russia, which just won its third consecutive Functional Brand Of The Year Award, has announced a new snack to close out the year, and it’s due to be made available shortly. The product is Bombbar Wafer, and while this is something completely new for the company, it has a build similar to the many other wafer-type protein treats currently circulating the market.

Bombbar Wafer is a crunchy protein bar, and despite the image on its wrapper showing otherwise, it is coated in tasty, sugar-free milk chocolate. Underneath the chocolate outer are layers of crispy wafer, and sandwiched in between them is delicious creamy hazelnut or vanilla. The macros on the product include a high protein percentage of 22%, which is in the same realm as some of its other protein bars.

Bombbar has said its crunchy and reasonably high-in-protein Bombbar Wafer would be in stock and available through its online store at in two flavors; Hazelnut Ice Cream featuring hazelnut cream between the wafers and Vanilla Ice Cream featuring creamy vanilla.

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