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CTRL looks to be improving its protein bar and is throwing in prototype samples with orders

Ctrl Prototype Protein Bar

Gaming nutrition company CTRL has sent out a rather intriguing message that includes several interesting details, which we’re about to break down for you. The message is mainly made of the image pictured above, featuring a protein bar-shaped wrapper with a beta-sample style design. On the wrapper, it says things like the title of “Prototype 1.0”, and whatever is on the inside, it’s due to be released sometime in the New Year.

Another interesting bit of information on the wrapper of CTRL’s Prototype 1.0 is its key ingredients are said to be real marshmallows, graham crackers, and real peanut butter. One last detail is the complete formula in this product is being described as “new improved”. All of this leads us to believe that Prototype 1.0 is a new and improved version of the 2022-launched CTRL Meal-On-The-Go Bar and its two inclusion-filled flavors.

CTRL has certainly kept things cryptic for Prototype 1.0, although when you piece everything together, it does indeed sound like an improved Meal-On-The-Go Bar is what we’re getting. The best part, and the reason all of this information is out there, is that CTRL is throwing free samples of Prototype 1.0 in direct orders for the entire month of December, giving fans a chance to find out exactly what the product is and try it out.

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