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Extensive Best Whey line adds a second, more rectangular wafer protein snack

Atlhetica Nutrition Best Whey Wafer

Atlhetica Nutrition is an incredibly busy sports nutrition brand out of Brazil that does more in the space than the majority of the competitors in the major US and Canadian markets. One of the areas it puts quite a bit of effort into is functional food, and over the years, it has released several different snacks, treats, and better-for-you foods, including the addictively delicious Best Whey Protein Break.

Protein Break is a wafer-style snack, and now it’s not the only crispy and crunchy wafer treat in the Althetica Nutrition lineup, thanks to the release of Best Whey Wafer. Like Protein Break, Best Whey Wafer is a part of the brand’s extensive Best Whey series, although it is in a slightly different shape, with a similarly heavy 28g featuring a longer, more rectangular build compared to the squarer Protein Break.

Atlhetica Nutrition’s Best Whey Wafer comes with multiple layers of crispy wafer and delicious creamy chocolate or strawberry in between them all; then, it’s wrapped in rich and sweet milk chocolate. The protein bar-shaped protein snack has the same amount of protein as the Best Whey Protein Break at 5g a piece, alongside a clean zero sugar and a similar calorie count of 127.

The Best Whey Wafer is essentially a longer, but similar size take on the Best Whey Protein Break, having that same multi-wafer layer makeup, nutrition, and familiar flavors of Chocolate and Strawberry. With that said, Protein Break is one of the tastiest protein snacks out there, providing an extremely convincing candy bar-like experience, so if Best Whey Wafer is in that same realm, it’ll be worth picking up.