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Foundation Bar is doubling its menu in April including an exclusive flavor for Vitamin Shoppe

Fruity Cereal Foundation Bar

Arms Race Nutrition has been on a hot streak as of late regarding news and developments, with two key stories going online. First, it was revealed the premium brand is coming out with a more advanced pre-workout named Harness Evolution; then it was confirmed the brand is expanding distribution. To continue the momentum, we have another bit of news to share regarding the crunchy, high-protein Foundation Bar.

Currently, there are two flavors available for the Foundation Bar in Chocolate Puff Cereal and Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, both of which, of course, are clearly cereal-themed flavors. The crispy piece-filled snack is getting another two tastes this coming April, and they’ll be launched at The Vitamin Shoppe with Frosted Crunch Cereal and Fruity Cereal, doubling the size of the product’s menu and continuing that cereal theme.

Arms Race Nutrition is planning to give The Vitamin Shoppe a 90-day exclusivity on the Fruity Cereal flavor of the Foundation Bar, while Frosted Cereal Crunch will be something all of its other retailers can get their hands on. Again, both of those products are due to launch somewhere in early April, one month after the premium and promising pre-workout Harness Evolution makes its debut at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio.