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Sour Gummy pushes Huge’s recently reformulated Wrecked to five flavors

Huge Sour Gummy Wrecked

Wrecked is the original stimulant pre-workout from Huge Supplements, which not only entered the industry with a wide selection of products but has grown it even further in the few years it’s been around. The brand gave the long-running supplement a lot of love in 2022, reformulating the pre-workout with changes like more citrulline, beta-alanine, and betaine, and introducing a high-powered spin-off in Wrecked Enraged.

This week Huge Supplements is continuing that focus on Wrecked, adding another flavor to its menu, taking it to a total of five alongside Bomb Popsicle, Raspberry Mojito, and the two tastes from the original Wrecked in Rainbow Burst and Peach Rings. Option number five for the product is another candy-themed creation, similar to Peach Rings in Sour Gummy, and it’s available now directly from Huge’s online store at $49.95 a tub.