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Paprika and Cheese make it five flavors for Nano’s popped Protein Chips

Nano Cheese Protein Chips

Crispy and crunchy Protein Chips is one of the many tasty snacks available in Europe from the functional food innovator Nano Supps and it does have a fair amount of protein. Every bag of the product comes with a reasonable 8.4g of protein, and it came to market in a strong menu of three different flavors, including Sweet Chili & Lime, Sour Cream & Onion, and a classic Barbeque.

Nano Supps has bumped up the selection of tastes available for Protein Chips to start the New Year, going from three to five flavors with the addition of two more familiar chip recipes. First, there is Paprika, based on the traditional spice of the same name, and second is a relatively straightforward Cheese, pairing the crispy high-protein chips with a smooth, cheesy flavor.

Nano Supps has already started distributing its fourth and fifth flavors of Protein Chips, and if you want to head to one of the first places stocking Paprika and Cheese, visit the brand’s online store at, where you’ll pay €2.55 (2.77 USD) for a single bag or €17.22 (18.68 USD) for a box seven.

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