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Chris Bumstead and Raw appear to compare their value-focused Essential Pre-Workout to C4

Raw Nutrition Essential Pre Workout Vs Cellucor C4 Original

Something that’s become a bit of a trend since Logan Paul did it with the debut of his Prime Hydration Sticks and Liquid IV’s Hydration Multiplier is openly comparing a product to a notable competitor. Every time we’ve seen it done, the brand or individual making the comparison only mentions the highlights of their product, pointing out what it features and where it stands out the most.

Again, we’ve seen a few brands do this since Logan Paul and Prime Hydration Sticks, and this week it is Chris Bumstead doing it with Raw Nutrition’s upcoming value-focused Essential Pre-Workout. For those that missed it, the supplement is a cost-effective pre-workout, featuring common ingredients and reasonable dosages, with the main focus being to keep the cost affordable.

In Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition’s comparison, it puts Essential Pre-Workout against what appears to be C4 Original. The blurred colors of the product, the highlights mentioned, and price point do match up, and it is a fair contest. If C4 Original is the supplement in the spotlight, it sells for around the same price as Essential Pre-Workout, so they are built for the same sort of market, and they each have ingredients for a balanced blend of benefits and effects.

You can check out the video for yourself on Raw Nutrition’s Instagram, but make note; both Raw and Cellucor have significantly more advanced pre-workouts on the market for those that want to take things up a notch. Cellucor more so than Raw, as it has C4 Extreme, C4 Ultimate, the premium C4 Dynasty, and even some lower-priced alternatives in C4 Sport and C4 SuperSport.