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Animal adds another creatine product with straightforward standalone capsules

Animal Micronized Creatine Capsules

Despite being around for as long as it has, hardcore legacy brand Animal only recently got into the world of creatine supplements, although it did so in an interesting way with not-so-typical products. The brand released Animal Creatine XL combining tried and true creatine monohydrate with betaine, PurpleForce, and Senactiv, and Animal Creatine Chews, which is creatine monohydrate in chewable format.

Animal followed Creatine XL and Creatine Chews with something a little simpler to close out last year in the bulk unflavored standalone Micronized Creatine, and since then, it has snuck out yet another creatine. Showing up in stores and available directly through the brand’s online store is another Micronized Creatine-named supplement; however, this one does not come in unflavored powder but capsules.

Like the bulk unflavored Micronized Creatine, Animal’s Micronized Creatine Capsules features only creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength and size, with a full 5g dose squeezed into four capsules, and you get 75 servings a bottle. The capsules are nowhere near as cost-effective at $69.95 through, whereas the powder works out to a third the price at $29.95 for 100 servings.

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