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Apollon wants to make your morning coffee smarter in its nootropic-enhanced Sharp

Apollon Nutrition Sharp Nootropic Coffee

You may remember last year, Apollon Nutrition teased the coming of some sort of powder product that would be packaged in a bag, as opposed to the traditional jug or tub. All these months later, the hardcore company and two-time Brand Of The Year winner has revealed precisely what that previously mysterious item is, introducing the multi-benefit and creatively functional coffee, Sharp Coffee.

Apollon Nutrition has brought its approach of reliable ingredients and solid dosages to the world of coffee. Its all-new Sharp Coffee is a combination of quality Colombian coffee and a handful of components to elevate energy and enhance focus. Every serving of the product has 345mg of natural caffeine, far more than your typical cup of coffee, and to improve focus, 600mg of alpha-gpc, a gram of tyrosine, and 100mg of premium CognqiQ, initially known as NeuroFactor.

Apollon Nutrition Sharp Nootropic Coffee Label

While Apollon Nutrition was initially known for its pre-workouts, it has come a long way, an incredibly long way since those early days, and now competes in almost every major sports nutrition category and some of the more specialized areas. Sharp Coffee is another bit of proof showing the brand is willing to grow and expand, and get into unique formats as much as it does uncommon categories.

Apollon Nutrition’s Sharp Coffee is launching this coming Friday directly through the brand’s online store, with bags having enough coffee for 30 complete servings. Being the functional coffee product that it is and not having a supremely extensive list of actives, Sharp Coffee won’t be overly expensive, coming in at $39.99, which is almost the lowest-priced full-size item Apollon has in its catalog