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Ghost officially announces its FaZe Clan flavor collaboration FaZe Pop

Faze Pop Ghost Energy

Following the leaked image on Reddit over the weekend, an official announcement has come from Ghost and FaZe Clan, sharing a much better look at their first flavor collaboration. As confirmed a few days ago, the sports nutrition brand and giant entertainment organization have come together to create a special edition flavor of the popular and our Energy Drink Brand Of The Year for 2022, Ghost Energy.

The product from Ghost and FaZe Clan is FaZe Pop Ghost Energy, and it is seemingly based on the iconic Bomb Pop, as there is a graphic of the popsicle on the can itself. It has all of the same key ingredients as the other tasty flavors of Ghost Energy, including 200mg of natural caffeine. That sits alongside a gram each of taurine and CarniPure, and for focus, 100mg of NeuroFactor and 150mg of alpha-GPC.

As suspected when details leaked out on the FaZe Pop Ghost Energy drink on Reddit, the flavor collaboration is not far away from becoming available, with the brand planning to roll it out in about a week. The newest flavor of Ghost’s energy and focus-supporting beverage is hitting its mobile app and online store at on Wednesday of next week, with convenience stores to follow.