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Long-awaited protein bar from Kaged is being lined up for launch this year

Long-Awaited Kaged Protein Bar Coming This Year

The classic saying, better late than never, is always a go-to when it comes to new releases in our corner of the industry, as sports nutrition supplements and functional products do tend to run into all sorts of bumps and delays. Following the year of the pandemic, that became even more common, although things are returning, and strategic companies have shown roadmaps and deadlines can certainly be kept to.

If you can cast your mind back a year and a half ago, you may remember we shared a story about Kaged coming out with its first edible item in what was simply referred to as the Kaged Protein Bar. At the time, it was said the brand would be launching that product somewhere in the year 2022. Those 12 months have obviously been and gone, and while the brand dropped a lot last year, the Kaged Protein Bar was not in there.

Another great saying is good things take time, and that could be the case here, as Kaged is finally planning to come out with its functional food debut sometime this year. We’re still referring to it as the Kaged Protein Bar until it gets a more official name, and we do look forward to seeing how this one turns out. All except one or two of our favorite protein bars and snacks are from international brands, but Kaged is no newcomer, and it certainly knows how to put something together that can stand out.

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